Queensland Fishing Brokerage

Australian owned and based company

Queensland Fishing Brokerage is proud to be Australia’s largest commercial fishing brokerage, and pride ourselves in the specialised service we offer our clients in the commercial maritime sector. We have hundreds of listings for vessels and licences throughout Australia, and a network of industry connections spanning the globe.

Our team have extensive experience in the Commercial Fishing industry. With the addition of significant marketing and sales expertise our team is well equipped to assist when buying or selling vessels, licences, and quota.

With a mobile team we are also able to service our clients Australia wide. We are always keen to assist our clients to market and sell their vessels and licences, and it is free to list with us, so if we don’t sell you don’t pay.

If you are looking for a new vessel, licence or quota browse through our current listings. Contact us if you find what you are looking for or to register your interest if you are looking for something not currently listed.

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Our Team

Phone David 0412 073663

Phone Kevin 0477 781 334

Featured Listings

TS425 - East Coast 19.93m Trawler
$475,000 More Info
LV334 Custom Commercial 13.98M Alloy Catamaran
$350,000 More Info
TS453 Commercial 13.71m Steel Trawler
$220,000 More Info
TS412 - Trawler, T1 L3 Licence and 6,664
$250,000 More Info
TS425 - East Coast 19.93m Trawler
$475,000 More Info

Latest Listings

LS572 QLD Central Zone - 500 Trawl Effort Units
$10,000 More Info
LS571 QLD L1(2) Symbol Only
$7,500 More Info
TS466 13.71m Steel Trawler - Boat Only
$180,000 More Info
LS339 19.45m Line Fishing Vessel
$520,000 More Info
Lease - Primary C3, L3(1), N11, S