TS443 Custom Steel Trawler (unfinished project)

Price expressions of interest

expressions of interest
Vessel Description:
o Name: Not named
o Length, Beam and Draft: 15.5x5,0x2.1 approximates only
o Gross Tonnage: Hull only 26 ton, not including machinery
o AMSA Certificate of Operation/Survey Number: Not in survey
o Hull Units: 38 approximate
o Builders Details: Ross Miller
o Other: New build vessel designed for ocean trawl hull plated up, stern tube in, engine beds in forward section below cabin, SS gallow posts and crossbeams, wheelhouse plated with some window spaces cut, hull sandblasted and primed.

Vessel Construction:
o Design: Single chine displacement hull with hollow heel (similar to James design)
o Type and Material: 6mm mild steel hull
o Water Tight Bulkheads: 4
o Other: Raised for deck, steel capped bulwarks, SS sponsons

Stern Gear:
o Shaft: 100mm tube, no shaft
o Prop: 54 inch 4 blade open blade (2nd hand)
o Nozzle: Open blade (nozzle can be fitted)
o Steering and Rudder Systems: Timber spoked wheel supplied, steering gear sighted
o Other:

o Mai n Engine: Cummins Model: 855 NTA reconditioned, Dyno tested
o Gear Box and Reduction: Twin Disc Model: 514,4.5 to 1 reduction advised
o Auxiliary Machinery: Cummins Model: 4B New Chinese to KVA
o Auxiliary Machinery: Model: 6354 2nd hand driving hydraulics
o KVA: 32 Model: Stamford (advised)

Deck Machinery:
o Winching System: No 10 Jadens rebuilt by Jaden, sandblasted, No consul - not installed

o Deck Box Capacity: Fibreglass 2,4x2.4 square - not installed

o Fuel: 4 to hull not tested
o Fresh Water: to hull not tested

The owners are now waiting on detailed plans to be provided from a local Naval Architect, once supplied they will have to be approved by AMSA if the vessel is to go into the Australian Commercial Fishery. If approved the vessel would need to be surveyed by accredited AMSA surveyors to confirm work already completed complies to the new NSCV standards.
New South Wales
2020 approximate
50' 10" - 15.50m
Hull Material

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